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Selenite Candle Holder

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Size: 2.75'X2.75'X2.75'aprox

Tealight Candle is included. It is recommended to remove the metallic cover of the candle to be able to introduce in the candle niche.

Needles to say, a beautiful piece, decorative, modern look, spiritual, peaceful. Selenite Crystals are remarkably peaceful. They instill a deep sense of inner peace, clarity and carry a very high vibration that makes them ideal for healing. The crown chakra is associated with the Selenite stone and aside from this you can use Selenite to contact your Guardian Angel or Spiritual Guides. Cleansing and clearing other crystals of negative energies and vibrations is another wonderful property of Selenite. Unlike other metaphysical stones, you will never have to recharge or cleanse your Selenite crystal because it does that by itself. In new age and spiritual work, Selenite is considered one of the more powerful healing stones. It ensures a peaceful environment when stones are placed around the home and is an excellent stone for meditation.

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