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repeating numbers



We can start by stating that nothing spiritual has been proven yet, even the existence of God. We hang on our own Faith to keep believing what makes us happy.

When I was a teen, I started to get introduced to a lot of literature (books no google) that had to do with esoterism such as Mind Method Control by J Silva, Curing with hands, Seven Spiritual Laws by Deepak Chopra. All these between 15 and 18 years of age. Why? I did not understand at that time, but now I kind of believe it had to do with a life purpose/mission. Anyway, I got excited every time I had to read all these and the angel books and then tarot and astrology. Then the numbers appeared very easy for me. It is actually the only thing that in every language means the same...I ended up with an Engineering major just because I believed the numbers were easy, logical and always right. 

I have to be honest that at an early age I was not paying much attention to the signs that are revealed through the numbers, until my adult age; when I was getting a bunch of repetitions of the same number and then I started relating what was happening to me during a normal day after I saw the number. I started to make co-relations..It took me several years to understand and I can now say that there is a total communication channel with other dimensions from this "matrix" through the numbers or if we want to call it angelic realms or matrix.

When I drive, my experience is that my mind goes in a receiving mode, and that is when I normally start seeing all these numbers, through tags, addresses, exits, etc. Last week, my birthday was on the 23 and while I was driving I saw this number at least three times, to the point that I got so excited and ended up crying for happiness and made a picture. I believed I had to share it with the public so people start understanding that we are not alone and we haven't ever been. So, I got messages of Happy Birthday from the realms that we do not see. Also, you are not alone and we are watching you! The matrix is opening up little by little and the veil between our reality and other realities is totally thinning.

My advice: Keep observing because you probably have been receiving messages for long time. Open up to be guided by superior beings (angels). They are here to assist you accomplishing your life mission on earth. Good luck!


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