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New Age vs Catholicism

New Age vs Catholicism


Ash Wednesday is a day to go to Church and receive the Ash Cross on your forehead. So I took my children last Wednesday to Church, because I am giving them some structure from the Catholic Religion. At their adult age, they can decide what to do, but under my care, I will teach them why I know.

I am a follower of Jesus and also an active Catholic. I believe in Jesus, Mary, Saints, all of it. I follow the rules, commandments, sacraments, everything. That is my foundation. I do have some things that I do not accept from the Church, however we are all entities in evolution as the Church is, as well.

So how a person mystic like me that sells crystals, and natal charts and is a tarot reader and an active student of all alternative beliefs maintains the catholic faith?

The answer is that I believe that all is true and all these new streams they do not invalidate each other. Instead, they actually blend and mold in one new reality that is New Age. The age of Aquarius. At the end, all these beliefs get to the same conclusion, that God is love and we need to look for that vibration. Anything that drives you away from the love vibration is wrong.

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