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Our brand CuartoAstral is and old idea that was developed little by little with angelic assistance. Cuarto Astral means in English Astral Room; it is this place, this room, where you can escape to reconnect.

The main purpose of CuartoAstral is to deliver and share information and products that facilitate connection with high realms. Besides, taking care of our own families, some of us are here on earth to spread information, in order to change consciousness and prepare society for the new age; Aquarius age. Therefore, we are selling healing crystals such as Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Citrine, Lemurian, Himalayan Salt, Opalite, Moonstone, Rose Quartz among others and incenses like Sage and Palo Santo, carefully picked and handled with the intention of delivering healing into homes with the highest quality at reasonably priced.

Our employees were carefully selected and we made sure with astrology and numerology studies, that they were sensitive enough to deal with this new venture.

Our brand has an spiritual healing mission. Therefore, our marketing slogan "SHOPPING WITH A HEALING PURPOSE". We have made sure that our products are being exposed to healing frequencies 24/7 while stored for activation and clarity. When you get one of our products, be sure you will feel the spiritual protection and calmness that you need to reconnect.

The logo is the natal chart (astrology) of our founder, it is the best business card and picture of the sky at birth time. It shows her strengths, weaknesses and purposes in life.

Healing Crystals Selenite Lamps

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